Yama S Fusion Sushi | About Us
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About Us

Welcome to Yama S Fusion Sushi

Yama S Fusion Sushi brings traditional Japanese sushi, sashimi, and the like with a spin of creative riff.  We are a modern Japanese restaurant that puts an emphasis on culinary creations that are as stimulating to view as they are to consume. The new style of Hibachi which fuses a multitude of eastern sauces creating a new and exciting taste. The artful presentation of our cuisine is akin to viewing a small-scale sculpture. Sauces decorate the plate with the arrangements that recall the French style. The next time you’re out and you’re feeling adventurous, think about Yama S Fusion Sushi. It may get you to rethink your notions about sushi.

Our Chef

With over 30 years of experience Chef Oka Yama, who has an extremely impressive background and as a Master Kitchen Chef, he brings his culinary skills back to Houston. Chef Yama can create subtle flavors that are intriguing without becoming mundane.

He has a unique way of approaching sushi with restraint, but also kicking it up into high gear without losing the identity of the original source. The dishes created by Chef Yama are rich, flavorful and sometimes arrive in waves.

Chef Oka Yama vast experience combines the aesthetic and gastronomic pleasures of sushi preparation, with zest and zeal that stands out amongst his peers.